I Am Not a Robot

로봇이 아니야

1 Seasons 32 Episodes

I Am Not a Robot

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Original name로봇이 아니야


I Am Not a Robot

Synopsis of I Am Not a Robot

Inevitably, everybody gets hurt at some point in their lives. There are different remedies for different types of wounds, and as time elapses, these remedies start to become less effective. This is a story about a man who created a shield for his broken heart. Since the day his heart broke, he has been living inside a shell. One day, he encounters a being unlike any other, and by interacting with her, he slowly learns how to break out of his shell. i’m ep episode 27 28 25 26

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Last air date2017-12-06
Episode runtime35 min
TV StatusEnded


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  • MarkTiu


  • amanda

    mmmmm this is delicious kkkkkk

  • Brooke gg

    this show makes my heart flutter, it’s amazing.

  • kapoyani

    Im up to ep10 in one go. So far its been quite enjoyable. Nothing too deep. Been a wonderful watch

  • Almas Mohamed

    I want to see the next episode I am so excited 😆

    • Lyndsay Alphey

      I know right…me too💁🏻‍♀️

  • Almas Mohamed

    Where is episode 13 please comeback😭😭😭😭🤯

    • Lyndsay Alphey

      Me too

  • puff balls

    I’m dying to watch ep 13 I keep on refreshing two sites 😂

  • Almas Mohamed

    I still can’t wait for the next episode ahhhhhhhhh hellllppp me…….!🤒🤒🤒😷🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Carol Rombaoa

    The fastest sub ever

  • Nimi

    oh no, one whole week to wait…..nega mutha… 🙁

  • Hermione.ji

    This is so great and refreshing drama daebak! Their chemistry is so good. I love chae soo bin, fighting unnie!

  • joe black

    i hope,, that i will meet a girl like ig3 ..hehehehe.. sorry i don’t can speak well in english..

  • Mahzabeen Alam Maria

    I’m loving this drama❤