Last Minute Romance

막판 로맨스

1 Seasons 2 Episodes

Last Minute Romance

General information

Original name막판 로맨스


Last Minute Romance

Synopsis of Last Minute Romance

Baek-Se (Han Seung-Yeon) lives an ordinary life. She is a big fan of a top star. One day, Baek-Se is diagnosed with a terminal disease and she doesn’t have much time left to live. She decides to have a contract date with Dong-Joon (Lee Seo-Won) who looks just like the top star she likes.

Firt air date
Last air date2017-10-28
Episode runtime15 min
TV StatusEnded


1 Last Minute Romance


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  • MeganLee

    hello dramahood, can you put web drama, “Magic school” in dramahood, please? Thank you!

  • happystar

    Was a little cringy to watch…The leading couple’s chemistry was also very awkward the first episode and then halfway through the second as well. However, towards the ending it got better. They both did a really good job on their role it was just their lack of chemistry that threw it off. I personally didn’t really like the mini series but others seem to have enjoyed it.


    It’s good. Just two episodes.