Magic School


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Magic School

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Original name마술학교


Magic School

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Na-Ra is a university student and he has never had a girlfriend in his life. He wants to become a public servant. Jay is a popular magician mired in deep sadness. Joon is an intern at a hospital. He is poor, but he a has warm heart. These people gather at a magic school led by Master Han. Master Han has a daughter, Yi-Seul, who wants to become a dancer and not a magician.

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Last air date2017-10-06
Episode runtime60 min
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  • amanda

    ok so basically Korean wizards of Waverly place, nice hope it’s good

    • May June

      is it good then? im so excited to watch this!!

      • amanda

        idk for me it wasn’t that captivating couldn’t finish 1st ep but give it a shot you might like it

        • May June

          damn – is there a drama that you totally love and would recommend? :))

          • amanda

            well from the current ones no not really i’m actually watching old dramas now coz the ones lately are not to my taste maybe try euluchacha waikiki i hear people say it’s good but i haven’t started it yet, if you wanna know the old ones i’m watching hola back

          • May June

            Yepp I’d like to know the old ones you’re watching 😋

          • amanda

            ok so hyde jekyl nd i (great one), hotel king,falling for innocence,scholar who walks the night, princess hours(goong) and basicallly of lee seungi’s previous dramas,playful kiss,master’s sun, i remember you and doctor strange……….note that i haven’t started on most of them yet so i cannot promise if they’re good but hyde jekyl and i is awesome it’s a must see if you haven’t watched it yet omg AMAZING DRAMA!!!!!

          • kkkjulia

            i recommend falling for innocence,scholar who walks the night, princess hours(goong) masters sun and doctor strange.. hyde jekyl and i was so average…

  • Sivapriya

    Atlast! Park Jinyoung <3

  • KDrama admirer

    Is this worth watching