Temperature of Love

사랑의 온도

1 Seasons 40 Episodes

Temperature of Love

General information

Original name사랑의 온도


Temperature of Love

Synopsis of Temperature of Love

Hyun-Soo is an aspiring drama series writer. She uses “Jane” as her username and begins chatting with username “Chakhan Seupeu” (‘Good Soup’) online. “Chakhan Seupeu” is actually Jung-Sun. He dreams of becoming a French food chef. They meet in real life.

Firt air date
Last air date2017-09-19
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusEnded


1 Temperature of Love


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  • Zam Well

    at last!!

  • FoxVanilla

    yay oh hae young is back

  • Em8

    Waiting for subs ???????

  • leslie versoza

    is this good?

    • Sivapriya Santhosh

      Any drama of Seo Hyun Jin is worth trying!! You won’t regret it!!

      • Tswechhya

        I agree.. I knew her since three musketeers…

      • leslie versoza

        thankyou santhosh?

      • Aditi

        Fellow Indian <3 I can't believe there are Indians who are interested in Korean dramas. I mean all the people i suggest dramas to just make fun of me. I'm glad that the culture is growing. 🙂

        • Sivapriya Santhosh

          Hehe.. Same here.. I am so much into korean that i only watch Korean dramas/movies/variety shows and only listen to KPOP.. #Addicted :p

          • Aditi

            omg same… I’m so into koreans that I’ve forgotten Indian shows and serials. I’m obsessed with their music, shows, dramas. btw, which kpop group do you stan? EXO,BTS,GOT7,NUEST,SEVENTEEN,BTOB,ASTRO,MONSTAX,BIGBANG?? or multifandom? I’m officially an EXO-L but I stan all the groups.

          • Sivapriya Santhosh

            Hardcore stan of GOT7.. But love DAY6,EXO,BTS,HIGHLIGHT,SUPER JUNIOR, 2PM,TWICE,SISTAR,WONDERGIRLS,JUNG JOON YOUNG etc.. List never ends :p #dailylifeofakpopstan <3

          • Aditi

            OMG!!!! I REALLY LOVE GOT7!! It’s second on my bias list(EXO being first). omg omg. It’s really difficult to not love those boys.I don’t think any other group is as crazy as they are. Those dorks I swear XD They are hilarious with whatever they do. walking memes XD if someone asks me who my bias is in GOT7, it’s really difficult for me to answer. how can you love only one of them when all of them are so extra af? :p

          • Aditi

            and yeah…. the list never ends. I have more than 300 songs in my playlist and all of them are korean. either a kdrama ost or a kpop song. I have almost all the songs from each album of EXO and GOT7. I’m extremely proud to be an EXO-L and an Ahgase!! <3

          • Sivapriya

            Lol.. Mine too.. My playlist also only consist of KPOP Songs.. My friends never ask me to play any songs whenever we go out 🙁 #proudtobeanaghase <3

          • Aditi

            Well, I’m kinda lucky with that but not too. I don’t live in India btw. I have an Indian friend where I live and she is a hardcore fan of BTS. so i can play korean songs around her and talk to her about dramas if I want to. but since she doesn’t know any other songs except BTS ones, she gets bored. so I end up playing BTS songs only

          • Sivapriya

            Me too!! Every one is a bias wrecker <3 Can't get enough of them!! 🙂 And its true for every kpop group I stan.. So hard to choose one!! So many to choose from!! 😀

          • Aditi

            Ikr 😀 ah I’m suddenly so excited. I feel good talking to you. do you use instagram? we can DM each other about our obsession instead of spamming here 😛

          • Sivapriya

            yup.. username is sivapriya.c.s.. lets not bother the people here :p

          • Aditi

            i just sent you a request…. 🙂

      • Alli Hans

        @sivapriyasanthosh:[email protected]_4rDdMGwlgx:disqus I’m Indian too, hi xD

  • Aleeha Butt

    so sad i cnt watch it my mob got stolen today. im so depressed i was going to do a backup today all my data pics videos of my son all gone :'(

  • Sivapriya Santhosh

    kyahhhhhhh!! I am feeling jealous!! Seo Hyun Jin is Yoo Yeon Seok’s <3 But i feel like i will ship this couple very soon. Their Chemistry is too good.. Seo Hyun Jin is awesome!!!!!

    • Tswechhya

      I was just watching too yeon seok oppa’s movie and he is so damn good at kissing… Well its off topic though

  • Laura Palacio

    Im here because of the actress, hope the drama is also good!

  • Blackpïnk
  • cottoncandy

    omg this sounds so GOOD and hello lead actor!!! he’s so handsome

  • Sivapriya

    Did this drama not air today??

  • romanticdramalover

    some people would be have this ending of drama become their dream come true….i really like this drama…although, im sad for jungwoo…why not he had a happy ending with any woman…hahaha…but still im verry happy with all of the happy ending in this drama…

    jungwoo…come come…im waiting 4u… LOL