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Synopsis of Tempted

Kwon Shi-Hyun bets his life on a dangerous game to seduce Eun Tae-Hee. His target is 20-years-old and believes people that are swayed by love are pathetic. After Eun Tae-Hee meets Kwon Shi-Hyun, her view on love changes. the great seducer

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  • amanda

    yes yes dramahood is back finally and with a treat i see……………apology accepted can’t wait for this one

    • Naru22

      Yes!!! Missed dramahood very much last week!!

      • amanda

        i know it was so lame using other sites

        • Naru22

          Yes… It was very tiring. Also waiting time was more…

          • amanda

            long tell me about it and the people there are so mean

          • Naru22

            Haha… I feel you!!
            By the way… Did you watch this drama?? How’s it?? I’m thinking whether to start or not

          • amanda

            for me i still have mixed feelings about, it’s definitely different with a lot of sexualthings going on not your usual innocent drama, gonna wqtch more tonight and see if i like where it’s going. so basically 3 friends 2 guys and a girl go around seducing people they don’t like and leave them in the cold. the lead goes after his dad’s girlfriends to honor his mom in a way and the girl sends the friends to seduce the love interests of her former lovers…….

  • Sharifa Maulid

    Yeh is back

  • kellyann

    This drama, cruel intentions and dangerous liaisons are all based on the French novel Les Liaisons dangereuses.
    There has been quite a few adaptions 🙂

  • WeroNoYume

    oh no it means it’s going to make me cry

  • Aseno

    I feel like Tae Hee and Kwon Shi Hyun will fall for each other. I really dont want them to end up together. If it is then im not watching anymore.

    • Sasha

      well then its better you dont watch it then. What you saw at the end of last ep is the begining of their love story, this drama is an adaptation so obviously it has to follow the basic plot. Personally, I freakin loved how the show planted the seeds for both the character to eachother’s paths

      • Aseno

        I really like moon ga young so I want her to end up with Kwon Shi hyun…..I thought she was the main actress but turns out that tae hee is the main actress.

        • yo

          they’re both mains actually

  • Maria

    I am waiting for subs but episodes 5 and 6 are still raw!How am i gonna wait so long?

  • Judy Pieters

    The best website ever. I always look forward to this website because the quickest eng sub than others. Can’t wait today’s ep and tomorrow as well..

    • infires man

      quickdrama subbed today’s ep

      • Judy Pieters

        Really?! Ok. I’ll go there. Thanks!

      • Judy Pieters

        I regret to go there so buffering on my phone.. it’s fine they are sub here already. 😊

  • jak

    So is this really just going for 8 eps. they are split- so is it *8? or 16 meaning 32?

    • Emilie Palka

      I think it’s 16 meaning 32 🙂

      • jak

        I am not sure it seems to be moving quickly.. She is already crying and nothing really bad has happened yet-

  • venus magalso bete

    Episode 13 – 14 please

  • Ydenn Lorraine

    When will they post the next episode???

  • asznee

    does anyone have any suggestions for similar dramas that i could watch?
    (this is the only kdrama i watch)

  • 마리느

    Thank you so much for your work !!!!! You’re so fast for the eng sub

  • Naxhie Nishevci

    ep 17 18 please