When a Snail Falls in Love


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When a Snail Falls in Love

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Original name如果蜗牛有爱情


When a Snail Falls in Love
When a Snail Falls in Love

Synopsis of When a Snail Falls in Love

Detective Ji Bai and new criminal profiler Xu Xu may seem like an awkward teacher-student pair at first glance, yet they are actually the best partners in the police force, solving one crime after another. Ji Bai slowly falls in love with Xu Xu, yet she is a girl who is as slow as a snail when it comes to love. Just as Xu Xu starts to reciprocate Ji Bai’s feelings, the dormant “Angel’s Killer” reappears.

Release Year
Firt air date
Last air date2016-12-12
Episode runtime35 min
TV StatusEnded


1 When a Snail Falls in Love


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  • Gachip

    Love this show!!!! great drama

  • AJ

    Total disappointment after “Love me, if you dare”. I was hyped at first, because both dramas are based on the novels by the same author. I’m not critizicising the novels, since I have no idea abut them.
    Comparing both dramas: this one is too slow patterned, story isn’t as exciting or nicely built, the characters are lacking chemistry and are dull (especially the main girl), and their romantic relationship blossoms too suddenly in the last episodes. This is my personal opinion, and I saw many comments hyping this drama, but if you haven’t watched Love me if you dare. I would recommend it way more, than this drama.