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Episode TitleEpisode 14 Engsub
Air date2017-10-11


Age of Youth 2 Ep 14

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  • are they hinting that kang sunbae will be back for season 3. i wish they didnt remove her part. her storyline would have been lit since she had the potential for the most growth. overall the first season was more enjoyable imo. will rate this a 7.5/10

  • Nora Lay

    Beautiful ~ My songsungmin couple have not sail yet.. I need season 3. Also would like to see Eun Jae over her first love and found another one. Ms.Kang come back in season 3 also. Mainly our general Jo going to see her cute bf <3<3<3 There have a lot left to continue ~ please season 3

  • Kroot

    Whys it over I’m gonna cry aaaaahh
    There better be a season 3 and 4 and 5 ?????

  • Aeyshaa

    We need season 3.

    • Cindy Joanna Restrepo Ortiz

      Yes, i wont stand it if there’s not a third one..we can’t live without them please writernim one more ?? #ageofyouth3

  • Aditi

    okay. When is Season 3 coming out? don’t tell me you are not going to let me see my ship sail for once. Aaaahhhhh wae irrokkhe kannasso? I wanted to see ji won and sung min together this season. :(((((

  • Lunae Carmen

    The only reason that I like open ending is the hope of a next season lol

  • Marissa Wood

    do you think the end was left open for a season three? I don’t think it will happen, but it would be lovely.

    • Ella

      yeah there are talks about a third season

  • Mariah Livingston

    will there be a season 3???

  • alaa


  • potatoe.1.23

    the first season was more fun but this season made me more sad. writer nim is mean for trolling us and showing us their tombstone, that too it was completely different on the tv vs youtube.

    • Ella

      that was beyond mean especially with confirmation that is was Sung Ji Won’s death =( just blows

  • potatoe.1.23

    why do you people want a season 3? to see ji won die young? to see more romances? although, i would love that but that defeats the purpose and message of this whole show. its slice of life. its realistic this way and our youth ends someday. its not gonna last forever.

    • TheSecret Writer

      the last segment clearly said , ‘Belle Epoque ♥ Bye, let’s meet again’
      that’s why i feel a season 3, but you said well though.. ahh life goes on at the end of the day..

      • potatoe.1.23

        What would we see in season 3? A lot of the stuff were answered in the epilogues. It’s up to our own interpretation. I feel like If they make a season 3, it would be a whole bunch of new characters. Also the guy who plays sung min is going away for military soon ?

        • fayfei

          I think because there are still a few open ends. Jo Eun and YeJi’s friendship problems, YeEun’s friendship problems, and JiWon’s case isnt completely finished, which is why most people probably want a third season. (well, that and Ssong-Sung couple…)

          I also would like to see a season three, partially for the reasons I listed above, and also because I just really like the drama and wished it could go on forever (which, unfortunately, it cannot).

          However, I totally see your point in how giving us a conclusion to every little thing would kind of be ruining the ‘slice of life’ theme they have.

    • celestialcadet

      she dies in her 30’s. i highly doubt they’re gonna skip that far ahead shes in her early twenties. another season wouldn’t defeat the purpose at all lmfao. if that was the case then this season would’ve “defeated the purpose” of season 1.

      • potatoe.1.23

        No probably not but that doesn’t mean the writer won’t torture us more with her epilogues from the future. This season didn’t defeat any purpose because we barely got to see Ji won’s arc in the first season and it was nice to see it answered the 2nd season. However, we don’t really have many questions left to be answered in the 3rd season. Eun and yi ji friendship ended. Are we expected to see every friendship being rekindled? Is that realistic?
        Ji won’s law case: she has a witness now. Her chances of winning are high and as an audience, I feel that there’s not much of a mystery.
        I’m just trying to see what more can the writer do in season 3. I just don’t want her ruining it or crushing our souls even more as we get another season.
        And if the writer does decide on season 3, then I would like to see how sung min and Ji won ended up together.

  • TheSecret Writer

    Ahhh each time I will play the ost of this drama, i will feel nostalgic of these characters… I love them all, I feel like they were my friends that I waited each saturday night for … I miss them already.. and I love them dearly.. ♥ I know we all want a season 3, but let’s just savor this gem already..
    thanks to those who subbed this show <3

  • UriDijun

    Can’t believe my ship still didn’t sail, and I pretty much started to watch it for Ji-Won and Sung-Min ?

    • Jayme-Pa Fezbouk

      whaaaaat???!!! oh noooo i didn’t watch the ep but thanks for telling. i’ll review my expectations down.. now we can just hope for an season 3 #fingercrossed

    • Cindy Joanna Restrepo Ortiz

      Bit at least he finally got to speak about it :3

    • rizriz

      I KNOW!!! I’ve been waiting for a year! Imagine how Sungmin feels? ?
      Also, I missed Kang unni so much!! She’s life :*

  • Giset Ortiz

    Wait, is this the end???? I need a next season

  • Jayme-Pa Fezbouk

    I’m so hungry for more…

  • oxyjennie

    I feel like the writers made the show like this so they can get in a third season. They did the same thing last season and we got a season 2. If writers want to end the season they will rush everything and just end it but clearly they left it open and unfinished for a reason. They hinted out song would die, they never told us what will happen with eun jae and that guy, the tall girl is waiting for her bf to come back from the military, kang unnie something seems strange there like some kind of foreshadowing idk. So many questions left unanswered. There is a 50% chance we will get a new season. I wish they would make this a series and when the their story is finished they could bring some new girls with a new story because i love this genre its really different to the kdramas these days

    • 김동현 내 빛나는 별

      joeun and yeji friendship as well, still hanging. song case also not yet finished i guess

      • oxyjennie

        That too

  • sammy

    if they weren’t gonna let my awesome ship sail then why did they hint at it, huh huh?? i’m so facking mad like don’t trick me into seeing things that don’t actually exist. it’s like when a guy you like legit tricks you into thinking that he likes you back only to reject you after you put all your pride aside and decided to ask him out, it so facking hurts. so mad… so mad… hmmm and i don’t want a season 3, i’m already tired of the drama, i feel exhausted in a strange way.

  • bigbang

    GUYS I THINK THERES GONNA BE A SEASON 3. IF U GO TO THE MAKING OF FILM VIDEO, IN THE END, THE SUBTITLE SAID “LAST YEAR AGE OF YOUTH. THIS YEAR AGE OF YOUTH. NEXT YEAR AGE OF YOUTH” and when they said the next year part some of the staff were holding up the number 3 sign so omg please yeassss season 3!!!!

    • Irem Bahar

      i havent watched this episode yet. But pleassseeeee we want season 3

  • i havent even watched this yet but i demand season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and more cameos of hwayoung
    i want yeji back too that little feisty chipmunk i miss her ;_;

  • Onew Dubu

    Subs!!! HELLLPPPPP!!!

  • Straw

    A cliffhanger for a reason, because we have to tune in for more season, that would be the best explanation, for me atleast.
    Can’t wait for season 3.

  • meeemo


  • rainaatfirst

    I’m so upset Ji Won and Sung Min didn’t have any romance :< and if there is another season (I hope!) this sounds bad but if one of them dies I don't want it to be her!! She needs to live life more like she wants!

  • nnnneil0929

    Patiently waiting for the subs before watching.

  • AMichelle

    Where can I see the last episode with subs?

  • Stella

    I season 3 will be so much fun.looking out for it

    김민우 – 입영열차안에서 (on the enlistment train)
    aweee jiwon sang so beautifully later when she made eun cry!

    and the scene in the car with sungmin where she was also crying was so emotional ;__;
    also season 3 better be in the works or else… im kinda hoping for yeji and eun to patch things up again but i feel like the buildup was to their breakup mostly

  • CoolGuy

    what do i do with my life now….

  • Toy O


  • i ship sungmin x jiwon

    season 3 for ssong & sungmin please :(((

  • nnnneil0929

    IF there is a season 3.
    Kang Yina needs to be back, her character actually has the most potential to grow.
    Eunjae overcoming her heartbreak, starting a new relationship with Heimdal or Choonghwan.
    Yeeun and Ho-chang going strong and maybe the comeback of her ex or friends.
    Eun fixing her friendship with Yeji and family issues. Waiting for Janghoon’s return.
    Yoon sunbae and Chef’s WEDDING!!!
    Ssong and Sungmin DATING and getting married(?)/shoutgun wedding(?)

    • Gills

      Ye-eun and Ho-chang getting better with their mental health. Yeeun can help him and he can help her. Yeeun also has a conflict with her friend, family and self esteem. These can all be revealed in new season.

  • Mehnaj Bushra

    14 epi only?? & What’s the ending..I want season 3 so badly??

  • kapoyani

    Nice drama.
    I was wary how theyd do season 2 with one cast in that scandal and the other that couldnt join again. Thought at first another character instead of a recasting would be too weird too but honestly they pulled it off and the short visits from the other was a good if not better solution for the drama kept the familiarity but the changes were refreshing an actually added more realism. Friends leaving and all that.
    See you again so season 3 is a possibility yey

  • Marian De Leon

    See you again!

  • Non-Canon Ship Shipper

    The villa thing had me ROFL!! Next season will be blessed upon.

  • Princess Sarah

    Sorry but at this point I care more about their lives than my own.. if a 3rd season isn’t made I’m quitting life

  • Jane Barmani

    plss give us season three dont kill our joy of living and eating with this characters in the drama

  • Estefhany Neves

    we definitely will have a third season ^^ can’t wait !

  • celestialcadet

    i don’t care what anyone says, i want a season 3.

  • FRZN

    Need season 3 next year

  • Toy O

    Please who knows the name of the song that start sending playing at 39:40?

  • 알라라

    i’m still heart broken that she and the guy (idc the name) broke up i loved them in season 1 :((

  • Sandy Thao

    My heart hurts. D;

  • rizriz

    I love all the characters! I’ll miss you guys! come back soon 🙂

  • riri

    Noooo why didnt sungmin and jiwon end up together already!!! its soo disappointing but atleast it gives me hope there might be season 3