1 Season 96 Episode

Episode 96

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Episode TitleEpisode 96
Air date2017-10-31


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 96

Synopsis of All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 96


  • Riezal Beejay

    why this keep happening to me? is it my connection or this site have problem?

    • FreeSpirit

      Nope me too 😕It’s the site

    • The site seems to be going through some issues.. Even just the simple scroll bar on the side is missing.. Hope it gets resolved soon..

  • That hug that says a million things..
    That look at says a million things..
    A million things no words can express..
    A million things left unsaid..

    And then..

  • amanda

    uuuurrrghhh the choi’s seriously get on my nerves sometimes why are they all over the place like that make up your minds and dong joo how are you gonna get his blessing now and even if they win the case are they gonna move into that house that would be so weird, maybe the kids can all live together there incmh and gb but the parents NO!!

  • djajk

    Dammmm Sa Jin Jin! I’ve never heard her speak english, it’s so good!!