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Episode 28 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 28 Engsub
Air date2017-10-12


Hospital Ship Ep 28

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  • Nora Lay

    If you can forget Dr kwak and EJ noona romance, Hospital ship is really nice to watch .. all plots are perfectly organised ..
    But As for me, I keep hoping their romance and I made a long sigh at the end of ep 28 (A week need to wait again)… T.T

  • stellapebble

    I just love the lead actors especially Ha Ji Won.they rocks when they work.a little touch of romance perfect.

    • Chatelaineces

      Maybe it is because they are trying to manage the age differences. Notice how they pointedly mentioned that the two male doctors are 30 years old. That is to prime us for possibly a romantic scene soon. Maybe Dr. Kwan Hyun will get hurt. I think Eun Jae will finally get around all her inhibitions and will open the door that Hyun offered her to come thru. Only 12 episodes left or three weeks to go. This romcom should begin to have romance. But first, they have to reveal that Hyun’s ex-fiancĂ©e is a fraud patient.

      • Nora Lay

        Agree with you. I also notice that they mentioned they are 30 years old. My emotion is HAHA .. May be writer nim read our comments about age gap and added this 30 years old line. HAHA.. Looking forward to their romantic scene soon.

        • Chatelaineces

          Btw, While You Were Sleeping is now #1 in ratings (.1% difference) over Hospital Ship. This is now the time to bring out the big guns: a romantic kiss and/or a confession from Eun Jae to Kwak Hyun. The first kiss went well, I thought. A second more committed one wouldn’t hurt, right?

          • Nora Lay

            Absolutely . That is all we want ..
            Btw again, I prefer Hospital Ship rather than While you were sleeping

          • Chatelaineces

            I agree.

      • stellapebble

        Yep.though i know their age gap diffrences but i already assumed they will adjust their ages according to their characters so i have no problem with that. Good thing that they pointed it out for those viewers cant adjust the characters immediately.

  • miimi xxzor

    so xciting nxtweek ep..dr song dr kwak fighting ??

  • paperheart

    omg my heart is racing so fast!! that was intense!! those guys could’ve came in saying there’s an emergency patient and brought their boss with them lmfao. but that would’ve been boring i guess XD

  • Nora Lay

    Can you please upload ep29 asap … i keep waiting half an hour already T.T