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Episode 9 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 9 Engsub
Air date2017-12-06


Judge vs. Judge Ep 9

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  • Gae Jeong Ppal

    Oh I think I shouldn’t doubt Dong Ha (Han Joon) too fast.. seems like he’s not an evil person! And I still ship him with Jung Joo šŸ˜­

    • amanda

      psssht he’s too good for her

  • Summer Sunshine

    What?! wait, Kim Ga Young is the caretaker’s daughter… the original caretaker that left or the caretaker that was also murdered? this confuses me so much when did they reveal this please tell me huhu

    • amanda

      in last episode kim ga young was the previous caretaker’s daughter and the new caretaker was murdered probably by kim ga young’s dad thinking he killed her and then left for the states

      • Summer Sunshine

        thanks. the subs in jungjoo’s recounting of the evidence was misleading. It’s weird though that the two families knew each other so well even though the caretaker that was murdered was new. also curious how jungjoo’s brother knew those families.

  • amanda

    uuurrghhh why is that so ra chick always lurking and eavesdropping and dropping bombshells on everyone i hate her she is not a team player and she definitely doesn’t portray someone who went to Harvard she’s still acting like an idol

  • amanda

    hmm feelings developed fast in here

  • amanda

    wow it’s like some of these actress shoot a scene in one drama and step into another one just like that no makeup needed, jung joo’s dying mom is just as miserable here as she is in black playing is it joon or oh man so’s mom don’t remember

  • Cindy

    I hate when people say Ā“Ā“ too good for herĀ“Ā“ like… no. Stop.

    The guy lied to her for 10 years and let her believe her brother was the killer and never told he was also connected. So was his mother and father.

    How he is too good for her? he waited for someone bring this truth out and now is trying to fix it. What about her brother, mother and her sufferings for those 10 years?

  • paradox.of.fate

    Exceptional acting by all! The face off with the Chief Justices was too funny! Love both of those actors!

  • WeroNoYume

    omo it was the father?