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Episode 83 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 83 Engsub
Air date2018-03-12

Synopsis of Love Returns Ep 83


  • 맀디

    I skipped so much of this drama idk what’s going on can someone please explain to me what’s happening

    • LoveKang Daniel😘❀️

      Which part did you stop at? Like what do you last remember

      • 맀디

        The part where the ugly pick ahjussi went to jail

    • Yui Chan

      After GS being lock to jail. IW mad with EJ, she will take revenge. GS make a note in IW coat, where he hide that remain money. IW n BS broke up. Later she want snatch everything that EJ belongings include SP and beauty center. So she beg to HJ to give her one more chance n can work again in beauty center.
      HJ approve because IW will bring her where HJ’s remain money is. N make EJ to be tough women.
      IW know about SP’s Charm story from secretary Lee. N it belong to EJ. She use any method to make it like IW is SP’s charm owner.
      SPmom x HJ have secret past story, everytime HJ hear SPmom name, her heart is hurt, she still dont know why, but in her dream HJ give hug to SPmom and said thx.
      GS want return remain money to make him free from jail n just get probation but IW who find it want to use it to help SP project.
      EJ aunt find HJ has major sugery 10years ago, without her family know include MJ. She want MJ to check HJ health history to make sure. HJ is not women who give her organ to anyone, she scare EJ maybe is HJ own daughter.
      Meanwhile financial director visit BS and give him a paper which contains 10years ago SPmom get loan from HJ, because its illegal loan, SPmom has no obligation to pay for it. N BS said it and make HJ being poverty.
      And make SP in dillema. Why his mom do that, did i must paid it first, and so many question in his mind because that letter.

      Hope help. 😊😊

      • 맀디

        Omg thank you so much you are honestly an angel πŸ˜‡

  • momgie

    ..there is an initial on the bracelet amulet that in woo did not seen..even if she make another one of that that initial will prove that it belongs to original owner