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Episode 4 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 4 Engsub
Air date2017-11-14


Meloholic Ep 4

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  • Tamerlan Batchaev

    That was a fast sub 😊

  • WeroNoYume

    This drama is so interesting!!

  • ydnas

    the story line with the professor is so gross lmao
    and like father like daughter haha

    • oxyjennie


    • amanda

      when middle-aged secretaries(fated to love you) become rich professors and they imagine their chaebol bosses(lee gun) lifestyle, this what they see and act out hahahahahaah gross!!!

      in case you don’t get it he was the loyal secretary in fated to love you drama

  • Sayuri


  • sarah
  • Peg02

    So her ex-boyfriend is the killer, she was with him the night of the attack and it was her ankle Yoo Eun-Ho grabbed.

    • amanda

      hmm interesting

    • oxyjennie

      But I thought that he can only read the thoughts of women?

      • Peg02

        Yes but, on the night of the attack he saw the thoughts of a woman and she said: “I want to kill them”
        I think she was speaking about her other personality.

        • Audrey

          omg what if her other personality is the killer idk man my thoughts are going EVERYWHERE

    • abc abc

      yeah, that’s what i’m speculating too…and her ex boyfirend is probs the bookshop owner, when comparing the silhouette,it looks like him

      • Peg02

        Yes the silhouette seems to match.

      • Ebru Lee

        Not just the appearance, furthermore in a dialog between her and her ex-boyfriend she said him that he will be famous because he is a writer. This suits the guy from the bookshop because it is the same path somehow. Moreover a guy followed her in the city with the sea and after that the bookshop opened and the guy was seen. He is the ex-boyfriend and actually the reason why she is unlucky because he does all of that.

  • oxyjennie

    People are sleeping on this drama. The female lead looks a little like Irene with glasses and a bun

  • He looks like Aron yan lol

  • Nederlands woohhooo

  • Last scΓ¨ne reaction wtf :0

  • Sayuri


  • Noeme

    Her ex boyfriend is the teacher in school 2017. I guess he’s the killer 😒😒

    • A.e

      The killer is a woman

      • jhoniel

        yeah the killer is a woman because eun ho see through the thought and mind of the mugger who hit his head in episode 1

      • Zam Well

        yeah the killer is a woman.. but now a days they can undergo surgeries and change gender πŸ˜‰

  • paradox.of.fate

    Talk about extreme ends of the personality spectrum. lol Guess middle ground doesn’t give Wow! factor. hahaha

  • Ebru Lee

    when will the next episode be aired ?
    How long will it take ?

  • abc abc

    ok so when a personality comes through, it means you automatically get lipstick on and lenses? that was really kinda ridiculous

    • jhoniel

      hahaha it makes me confused but still it represent the characteristics of a double personality anyway

      • abc abc

        hahaha yeah true, but they could do it more realistically, like in kill me heal me say