1 Season 11 Episode

Episode 11 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 11 Engsub
Air date2018-03-12

Synopsis of Mysterious Personal Shopper Ep 11


  • 매디

    I have a feeling they will end up being siblings or there will be a birth secret as always

    • Peg02

      I think they were swapped

  • Ronald Harrington

    Of cource, when in the middle of the street and a 15 pound motor scooter is coming at you, you just stand and stare at it for 30 min.

    • Peg02

      I happen to be in the same position as her; my father had to push me to “awake” me. She is in shock. Only people who faced this kind of situation can understand. You can’t controle your emotions.

      • Ronald Harrington

        I’m pretty sure you were not standing and staring at a tricycle for thirty minutes though…..

        • Peg02

          I was staring for 2-3 minutes (in my opinion) and the car wasn’t stopping. It was in Paris and there, people drive really fast. It’s really scaring to live this kind of situation.

          I think they did a good job in representating this scene and her reaction is realistic.

  • Bobknow65

    I cam’t believe these people trying to force somebody to look after this looney tune, good grief this drama.

    • JadedForeignDramasAngel

      Right? this is a train wreck in terms of plot and story…yet as with a train wreck, I just can’t quit looking and saying WTAF??? lol

  • JadedForeignDramasAngel

    Why doesn’t this chick tell her grandfather that her husband is trash and he’s not loving or caring / supportive at all and that he mocks her at every opportunity he can … ??

    Somebody please help me understand where this drama is going with the stupidity….Especially from that scene a few days ago where she was on her knees begging and crying like a minor age child….that was just so effin asinine…

    This drama is so full of wtaf moments that it’s distracting…but dammit I can’t stop watching. LOL