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Episode 16 Engsub


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Episode TitleEpisode 16 Engsub
Air date2017-10-10


Temperature of Love Ep 16

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  • ydnas

    Poor CEO Park…he looked so heartbroken and torn )’:
    it’s going to get interesting or sad from this point on since the Jung Son and Hyun Soo both mean so much to him and their careers are tied to CEO Park.

  • Chatelaineces

    Spoiler alert! Aww! Beautiful reveal. The scare, fear and anxiety of losing one another in the mountain trail becomes the catalyst for Hyun Soo and Jung Sun to finally come together as a couple. The picturesque scene heightened the tender moment. And they sat linked together in as many ways possible to touch; they smiled; and, they took in the serene surroundings and each other….as Jung Woo sees them from a vantage point. Definitely a turning point.

  • diddy lalaa

    *me while watching* OMG that bridge is so pretty. more reasons to go to south korea.

  • krismebaek

    Kyung-ah’s reactions are so relatable! OMG the way she flails over the main characters <3 I CAN TOTALLY FEEL YOU, KYUNG-AH!

    Ah~ I'm freakin addicted to the way Jung sun and Hyun Soo interact with each other. THEIR CHEMISTRY IS A+++++. That scene.. that precious scene when they found each other. Be still, my precious heart. When Jung sun responded with "I know." because he really does. He was just waiting for Hyun Soo to realize it all this time. He is confident and firm with his feelings but he needed Hyun Soo to feel the same so he waited and waited and waited for the moment their feelings synced. ~happy sigh~ I'm so happy for the main couple that I can't even think of the other characters who are feeling hurt right now. To quote Jung sun, "Everyone has their priorities" and yes, my number 1 priority right now is Jung Sun x Hyun Soo couple so yeah <3

    • Aishahmajidyahya

      ❤ love your comments

  • eunmi

    i swear jaewook and exo lay resemble each other

    • Gabriella Gianova


    • miimi xxzor

      ikr they are hot even u saw there face

  • Catalina Raba

    This is a hard second male lead syndrome

  • meeemo

    i love the sexual tension between them

  • Chatelaineces

    There is a big chance that Hyun Soo’s other script will be produced as a new drama. Park Shin Hye has a cameo role and she suppose to be an actress in her role. This next drama could be a winner. Cross our fingers.

  • alaa

    CEO PARK :”

  • FreeSpirit

    BF goalllzzzz right there guys ?

  • paradox.of.fate

    Nothing but smiles, but also feeling the heartbreak for CEO Park. Maybe his admiration for both of them as individuals wont break down their friendship? Hoping?? They make a great couple, even in the earlier episodes you could feel the chemistry between them. Woot!