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Episode TitleEpisode 2 Engsub
Air date2018-03-12

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  • sima

    I don’t know much about the main lead girl other than she’s a singer as well, but her acting is not… I don’t know what to say but I can’t. I’m sure the story line will probably be great. I’m just tired of some idol actress and actor for main leads in dramas. I’m tired of cringing while watching. I’ll be skipping even though I love the main actor.

    • niagirl


    • paradox.of.fate

      Really love the main lead. I always give it 3 or 4 episodes…we will see if I will be doing the same.

    • SooHyunFan

      Yeah, I feel you. The idol turned actresses are sometimes cringe worthy, Is Joy’s acting not up to par here as well?

      • sima

        I can’t say for anyone but for me. It may be different for you.

        • reffi

          My advice Watched it urself until atleast 3or4 episode cuz usually the character of the drama will evolving througout the story

          For me, her acting is fine… All 4 main lead acting is fine.. But the side character seems too cringy but then again even the pd said in their presscon the script they made is supposed to feel cringy.. So i cant really blamed them

    • reffi

      First of all idk if you know this but sometimes idol actor act better than rookie actor though… if u watch other rookie actor who isnt thr popular one.. But an actually actor who just got started their acting is worse than some idol actor. The stigma about idol actor need to change honestly cuz like it or not they went through audition just like everyone else and get the job fairly NOT cuz of they are idols or their fans. their fans watching and hyping the drama is just slight perks. Drama cant be succesfull from actor alone or their hype fans but it needs to do great from script to production. Even popular idol actor like exo D.O had 1 flop movie as a lead (pure love), not cuz his acting but cuz the story,etc… So my advice live positively, stop degrading other work.. Just cuz their acting isnt ur cup of tea of or cuz of u see the acting from highlight/prev drama,etc (so u branded them as bad actor in ur mind) doesnt mean they didnt deserve or work hard for it

  • Summer Sunshine

    I see nothing wrong with the acting of all four leads, it isn’t like the female lead got a lot of work in this episode. What I find weird is the acting of the side characters and the story itself is a bit whimsical, plus the characters are truly childish haha all of them, even the best friend’s mom. Even the cinematography and colors seem like a throwback to the original timeline of the novel, there’s something vintage about it. But I’m sure it will find it’s groove soon.

    • Serendipity

      I doubt that…the original story is not suitable for a K-Drama because of regulations.

      • Summer Sunshine

        Which part do you doubt? I did not say the story line was the same as the original. Simply that things like the cinematography, the music, etc. seem like a throwback to the original timeline (if I remember it was set in the late 1800s) – it’s vintage like shots plus the instrumental French-sounding music.

        • Serendipity

          It was set in late 1700s… the depth,the sexuality cannot be achieved in a K-Drama,that’s my opinion.
          Thy’ll resort to usual makjang K-Drama tropes in no time like birth secrets (which they already did 🙂 and probably a happy ending.

          • Summer Sunshine

            oh well then i agree with you on that, they won’t put those things in this drama, it’s a 15 and up rating. That’s definitely not what I meant in my first comment so I was confused by your comment lol. I think they did well in casting, casting young was intentional for what they wrote. Yoo Ah In would have been too old to play what the writer wanted for this version. As for the adaptation part, I actually disagree with what you are saying. The script writer should have the liberty to still reinvent the story how she wants, like Cruel Intentions and Untold Scandal were SO different. I can’t reduce the writer’s hard work to something as trivial as “toying” with a story. Nevertheless, I see they’ve all kept some of the side characters (like the rich and very naive girl that is betrothed to the other guy that the second lead liked), and some other events so of course they have to give credit to the source for those. I also think they will keep the underlying societal themes and lessons.

          • Serendipity

            I don’t agree with you, sorry,the writer doesn’t have the right to make something completely different from the main source, a new drama full of the usual K-Drama cliches like birth secrets and a happy ending.

          • Summer Sunshine

            Why wouldn’t she though?… it’s quite acceptable, for books for example we have retellings. Pride and Prejudice became Pride and Prejudice with Zombies. In movies we have a lot more, Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Slayer were so different; the original Little Mermaid and Disney’s version is also so different, as well as the various adaptations of Alice in Wonderland. Even true to life stories are fictionalized by writers. So it is quite acceptable in the industry to change a story to fit the demographic it wants to target (not just talking about the age of the viewers, but also the cultural settings). It isn’t even completely different since I recognize many of the parallels with Cruel Intentions. If she didn’t have the right to do so, then no literature from one period and one country could be adapted for another time and setting. You are annoyed by the drama because it didn’t turn out as you wanted, and I guess you love the original work. Well they never ever deceived you. I knew exactly how it was going to be, they’ve been quite clear in their press releases that this is based on that but not an adaptation, they also implied their chosen demographic with the age of the characters so it would be quite unreasonable to expect that they wouldn’t write the script with those people in mind. You can just stay away from it you know…

          • Serendipity

            Each is entitled to his/her opinion.
            Yes,I’m truly annoyed but not because it didn’t turn out as I expected,I knew well beforehand what this will be like and not surprised at all,knowing the limitations of what I would call the K-Drama mindset.
            Very,very loose adaptation indeed just because they can’t come up with something new&original.So I have all the right to express my view about such.
            It’s solely up to me whether to watch it or not,so please don’t worry about me…have a nice day/night.

  • resse

    I love Joy so much but I have to be honest her acting is not so great at all. I am still rooting for her tho. I believe she’ll do great in this drama. Fighting Soyoung!

  • Lauren ♡

    Loved it. I didn’t have any problems with the acting. The production team already said there would be some cringeworthy lines in the drama so I don’t think it’s an actor problem.

  • niagirl

    Is this a cruel intention remake?

    • Lulu

      This drama is an adaptation of french novel Les Liaisons dangereuses which Cruel Intentions is modern day adaptation of. So yes 😜

      • niagirl


      • Serendipity

        The 1988 film Dangerous Liaisons is another,more accurate and better adoptation based on Choderlos de Laclos’ 1782 novel ‘Les Liaisons Dangerouses’ starring John Malkovich&Michelle Pfeiffer. There is also a Korean adaptation: Untold Scandal,starring Bae Yong Joon..

    • Summer Sunshine

      the director said it’s based on the novel but not an adaptation. what i take that to mean is that it’s a very very loose adaptation.

      • niagirl

        I think so too.

  • paradox.of.fate

    Maybe the writers should have dropped the numerous cringe worthy scenes while staying true to the novel, and created their own. There is talent here, but will they be able to show their full potential or be held back based on the writers?

    • reffi

      But even the novel itself its banned cuz of the content…. And the fact that kdrama never really produced a sensitive content, i doubt the public wanna watched it

      • paradox.of.fate

        Well since I haven’t read it I’m clueless. Guess with Korean Odyssey the writers used what they wanted out of the original, kinda figured they would do similar with this one? Guess we will find out ultimately?

  • amanda

    so many shattered children, it’s sad…..

    • PoshKitty

      Aye. Good to see you here

      • amanda

        i’m everywhere lol sometimes i just watch…………..

  • Sarah

    I think the way it’s edited is just confusing, they tried to make it stylized but really it just makes it feel less complete

  • Ray.Exol.Melody.Monbebe 💜

    OOOOMMMMGEEEEE .. this drama is so freaking complicated and intresting and hyper fun !!! i really like the second lead girl’s ( moon ) acting since exo next door … OMG ! i’m in love after a long time .. I

  • Potato


  • 脳_advisor

    Woo Do Hwan

  • I need more episodes right now! The relationships are not easy to understand and it will get more and more complicated. I hope it gets more exciting and dangerous 😉

  • Iwan Ridwan

    so this is dangerous love game?
    and from the story we could predict that woo do hwan will die?
    btw, it’s good to be back dramahood yohohoho

    • Potato

      Yeah. If it’s like cruel intentions he’s gonna die. I hope not but to.

      • KookieLuv02

        people are saying tae hee might die instead

  • kez

    His voice though😍 i fell in love with it since Mad Dog.

  • Yumi-chan★

    Don’t know what to think from here. Seems like an interesting storyline, but I can’t wrap my head around it based on one episode. Dowhan oppa has captured my heart tho 😀 And as for Joy, hwaiting girl! I hope to see your true potential as this drama progresses. I believe in you~

  • Asymmetric

    Wow I love it! I cannot believe how much I can relate to the main character. I mean…not the “I’m so hot” thing, but the way he is with older women, and the reason is EXACTLY just like me. Not to mention his loyalty towards his friends, and to protect them I feel like I can relate to that as well because I’m the exact way. I feel sorry for him though, his father who he thought was his father is just like “Oh I’m not your dad, so gtfo of my house, and oh I will also get married to someone else” as if to isolate him even further, it’s just sad. I can’t wait until the next episode, this drama is perfect and filmed so nicely it’s so different.

  • Daniel Olanrewaju

    loving it!!! very different from the norm kdramas

  • danniealencar

    I don’t know how I feel about this drama yet. The first eps are kind of bad but I love the main actor so much 🙁 I will watch it until the end even if it’s bad cause I love him so much💕

    • Chi Nguyen

      I think it’s the pacing and editing that is the problem. The acting is still good.

      I will watch everything for Dohwan though. I love him so much TT__TT

  • freako

    Wait, isn’t soo ji the main lead? so far it seems really interesting and i like the trio friendship

  • llt

    I don’t want any of the people to die in this drama but is that asking too much?

  • llt

    The maid wants to back slap her.

  • Jing Wang

    noooo I know isaid I shipped poly on this but now I regret it!!! Mono forver!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anisha

    I love complex storylines once in a while! The other drama I’m watching right now is “Laughter in Waikiki” & its the polar opposite of this!
    I can’t wait for the next episode.

    I loved Cruel Intentions but here, the second female lead doesn’t seem as crooked as the one from CI.She has a complex nature & is pretty righteous.I like her..well, based on the first episode.
    Joy’s acting was kinda cringe-worthy in the Liar drama.I hope it gets better here.
    It’s my first time watching Woo Doo hwan and I’m swooning right now!

  • Nolwenn Papait

    For me & for now, this drama has more Gossip Girl feels than Dangerous Liaisons (plus Kim Min Jae remind me of Chuck Bass so bad!).
    I liked the acting & story for now so I’m up for next episodes 😀

  • llt

    2nd male lead is so into 1st female lead but nothing most likely will come of it. Or is it that I am reading 2nd male lead all together?

    • Lauren ♡

      He has a thing for her. He prob knows suji and sihyun has an invisible thing going on.

  • llt

    The mom who used to be a model is actually a nice person.

  • maydsx

    Ooooh this story is so confusing and yet sooo interesting I can’t wait for more hurry up !

    • llt

      It is like eating junk food you know you shouldn’t but sometimes it is just too tasty.

      • maydsx

        Omg yes exactly

  • LaksFan

    This is a sexy drama. haha

  • maydsx

    Woo dohwan is soo good he’s crazy talented. I’d watch anything with him in it ! Bcuz he’s my favorite actor atm. Also idk about y’all but I love dramas like this!!

  • Bobknow65

    Dag! SH fake father is a piece of crap, how you going to tell someone who thought you were their father and coldly tell him to move out and mention his dead mother, what a jerk. Then announce his wedding to SJ mother.

    • llt

      yeah I think he has made the list of evil dads. While the other mom so desperately doesn’t want to lose the daughter who is not her biological daughter.

  • llt

    I just hope it doesn’t get so twisted that there is nothing to enjoy.

  • LoveKang Daniel😘❤️

    Oh otokae I’m falling for them 😘😢❤️

  • aziza

    everyone is already starting to drop this show just because of the first episode. wait it out a bit. these kinds of dramas typically get better within due time (sometimes they dont), but dont judge too early.

  • Lee InRa

    I know I might interupt your opinions but its just ep 2, I’m pretty sure they are improvement in Joy’s acting.. however i love the storyline tho and the other cast.

  • Shatakshi Singh

    For people down here judging from the very first episode about the screen time or acting….I think 1st episode is all about the story of each individual and the mess they face and do. That’s the start of this story. Be patient people

  • Triton

    This drama has a dark aura around it but it’s charming at the same time……it’s bittersweet.
    I heard the plot is similar to the movie cruel intentions.Hopefully this wouldn’t end the same way that did!!

  • momgie

    ..what a great actors

  • Sou Mii

    How can i download the episods ??? Please

  • Aashi

    this is gonna be one hell of a drama!!!!!!!!

  • It’s interesting but bit childlish how Can U Take revenge from Girls who did nothing wrong it’s a bit mmmm for me

  • jak

    Damn his fathr is on some $hit!! you tell someone they are adopted when they are 18? He should have just took it to the grave like model mom

  • KAY

    What? I alrrady LOVE this!!

  • ThatGirl_

    The family dysfunction on this one reminds me so much of Gossip Girl. It hurts my heart just how true this is especially for so many wealthy families T__T Really glad the trio have each other to lean on :>