1 Season 78 Episode

Episode 78 Engsub

General information

Episode TitleEpisode 78 Engsub
Air date2018-01-12

Synopsis of The Secret of My Love Ep 78


  • niagirl

    The writers are throwing everything in this drama but the kitchen sink

  • kdrama_fan

    fuck ive always hated that bitch excuse my language but that pink eye sore gold digging ahjumma needs to get tf out asap (I’m so pissed idek)

  • Chatelaineces

    Are the writers trying to bring back Ji Sup and Su Ra for the ending? I hope not. He has become a monster like the man he substituted for. He has legitimised his claim to the highest post of the company. He has willingly accepted Hae Rim as his real wife. He has forsaken Hae Sol and Su Ra time and again. He was a tacit party to the death of Jae Wook. The best they can do is kill off his character in an attempt to save his real wife and daughter. It will be a sort of redemption.

  • Mohd Razhar

    the only option for ji sup..is to die…so su ra can live..so hae rim can keep her secret…anyway ji sup must die for the sake of all parties…