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Episode 10 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 10 Engsub
Air date2017-10-11


While You Were Sleeping Ep 10

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  • Zam Well

    Episode 10 in RAW.. Hi Subbers Real quick jebal… she is a Legendary Reporter

  • Zam Well

    Identity of the 3 flying Dragons ( The Reporter Dreamer, The Prosecutor Dreamer and the Police Dreamer ) what else it can be, more dreamer???

    • ThenAgain…

      well they just saved the life of the waitress so wouldn’t that make the waitress one too?

      • ✨Drama Queen✨

        I was think the same thing……….She even felt a burning sensation

      • Naru22

        I don’t think so, because she doesn’t know that they saved her life. In both heroes case, they were indeed dying and were fully aware that they were saved. They wanted to repay and hence they too started having dreams.
        By the way, hie!!!!! After so long…. How are you?? Very happy to see you here.

        • ThenAgain…

          i am good.. how are you?! I think she was aware of something…she was holding her arm afterwards and said she felt a weird burning sensation even though she was saved – the same phantom pain the others felt. I guess we will have to wait and see though..

          • Naru22

            I’m fine too. Nice too see you here.
            Yea…. She got burning sensation but she doesn’t have any idea that she might have died. Whereas both leads were fully aware that they would be dying or they were dying and saved.
            Well…. Let’s see, we’ll find out in tmrw epi ??

        • paradox.of.fate

          Well said. Never thought it that far out! Thanks and kudos if it’s right! I think you may be spot in. 😉

          • Naru22

            Thanks ?
            Lets see what happens…

      • Zam Well

        maybe.. she will help with the case of the psycho as well as her fate.. maybe she can stop her death

    • Naru22

      Me too!!!! That’s awesome!!!! Superb strong these characters are….
      Soooo loving this drama!!!

  • Zam Well

    6 mins and Eng Sub is Up ^_^ Kamsahamnida Subbers and Dramahood ^_^

  • Zam Well
  • Lunae Carmen

    Oh god chicken guy is a psycho

  • Doree

    Cat killer… WTF so MAD right now! Crazy psycho!

  • Rosy jackson (kai)

    this drama makes me so happy love every moment of it

  • Alli Hans


  • tamry

    wait so did that boy die because she prevented the girl from dying, so the girl’s brother died instead as a side-effect? and I also don’t get the point of the dead cats at the end? another side-effect?

    • diddy lalaa

      the cat died just to show that the chicken guy is a psycho, the brother died just to thicken the plots. will be explained in the next episodes. Not really side effect i would say. its just coincidence or fate that the chicken guy is the brother of the girl.

  • UriDijun

    Damn… just… thank-you for this drama. Loving everything about it ?

  • A.e

    WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PSYCHOTIC CATKILLER OMG Jesus Christ don’t tell me he killed the boy on purpose … Wtf

    • paradox.of.fate

      ooohhhh never thought of that? Thought that it was a trade off because his sister was saved. Kinda like, you save one life, but another goes in your place? Dang I dont like either scenario.

  • M.Drama

    At first I was so happy seeing the guy playing the chicken guy because I always like his characters but then he turned out to be a psychopat, I’m cying :’C

    • Ino Yong Senpei

      But its so refreshing to see him has different role this time

      • M.Drama

        yeah I guess so

  • Dramatic

    The guy how sold chicken killed the cats!!!! He’s crazy!!!

  • Jevva Manies

    Aigoo when i see korea drama drink bear soju with chiken fried….????
    I.need to

  • Jevva Manies

    I can wait to nexs episode
    And i can believe that chiken gay his psycho…???

  • Daniela Maruri

    So Happy!!!! i’ve been waiting all week to wathc this episode, finally i saw it

  • kkiittyy

    Psycho cat killer always had funny and cute characters in dramas but in this, he’s a psychopath. How great 🙂

    • you can call me army

      Right! caught me off guard.

  • kapoyani

    I watch 2 eps in one go with each update
    And the eps keep feeling shorter ?
    And refreshing for updates harder lol
    ? wish we have more of this
    Up to ep10 and its still holding up so well
    That viewers would anticipate each next eps shows how good and enjoyable this drama is. ???

  • Iwan Ridwan

    Hoooo,,, the fried-chicken seller and brother of coffe girl is suspicious. Maybe , both of them are the killers….
    Mr. Prosecutor and Ms. reporter will stop them by using dreams and reality

  • meeemo

    but if it’s like what woo tak is saying then the girl working in the cafe will start having those dreams too!

    • paradox.of.fate

      haha thought the same thing, but maybe not? Just maybe she lost the younger brother as trade off?

    • khyvw

      not really, the girl wasn’t aware that hongju saved her life like woo tak and jaechan

      • meeemo

        jaechan doesn’t know that hong joo saved his life either!!!

        • khyvw

          I mean he doesnt know that the person was hongju but he was aware that someone saved his life and he thanked them

  • paradox.of.fate

    This is a great story! Love how they have become intertwined because of them saving each others lives. Too cool!

  • CoolGuy