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Episode 11 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 11 Engsub
Air date2017-10-12


While You Were Sleeping Ep 11

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  • Zam Well

    3 flying dragons will get you psycho… subbers Fighting!!! need it now jebal..

  • Zam Well

    2 mins later and its subbed 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH DRAMAHOOD 🙂

  • reshma joshi

    Oml sooooooooooo fast thank you soo much

  • Bellacarolina

    Thankyouuuu dramahooood 🙂

  • UriDijun

    subbers, you’re insane ?

    • paradox.of.fate

      That’s so funny, was going to say the show is insanely good! lol
      But can give credit where it’s do, thanks subbers and the writers!!

  • Michela Ribeiro

    You guys are awesome!! Thanks for the subs <3

  • iloveromancecomedy


  • iloveromancecomedy

    Poor cats ????

  • meeemo

    woaaah i’ve never seen a drama get subbed this fast!!! you guys are subber goal lol ?

    • amanda

      you shud see quickdrama they do this speed everyday for all their dramas not the popular ones

  • Innerpeace

    Omg, Suzy is me after and during showering, listening to BIG BANG. ???#fangirllife.

  • MyLoxyloTto

    What the Heck!!! … In the blink of an Eye !! DAEEBAAKK!!

    ” Hail the Holy Subbers “….

    • amanda

      i think this drama is the reason many websites are subbing quicker than usual when it comes to this one its so popular even myasian had subs the same time as quickdrama which has never happened before

  • MyLoxyloTto

    Suzy Action in the bathroom will be stuck in my mind till im death . now i have a new sensation while heard that Bigbang Song ! Fantastic Baby Kkkk


    dramahood pls provide easy download links ty..pls i beg you.

  • amanda

    jae chan you should flush your shit oppa even if it smells heavenly flush your shit sarangheo

  • A.e

    I’m about to cry cause I really like the actor of the psycho guy but Jesus HE IS A PSYCHO HERE MAN IT DESTROYS EVERYTHING bit I still love his acting though

  • A.e

    I have a question now: the first episode was in 2016 and it was snowing is this still 2016 or already beginning of 2017 I’m so confused I need the time

    • oxyjennie

      Filming began in February 2017 and finished it July 2017 so it is possible that they used fake snow.

      • A.e

        I know that ? I meant in the series itself I’m which year it plays

        • oxyjennie

          lol im not sure

  • salleh

    why i cant download

  • paradox.of.fate

    This is just crazy! Love the writing, but has me on the edge of my seat every episode!! That’s a great drama! 😉

  • zeebee17

    lmao the dreaming scene and waking up in the comfort of his brother’s arms LMAO …DONE 😉

  • zeebee17


  • CoolGuy

    this is getting so spooky… I like it! He also has gotten VERY comfortable with holding her hand lately…interesting 😉

  • kapoyani

    Each feels shorter and shorter. Moremoremore please lol. So happy this gets subbed so fast

  • newbooks

    omg its like the croydon cat killer he orshe is doing it all over the M25 now police are looking for the person